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Interview with Simone Biles

Interview with Simone Biles

Interviewer: Simone, congratulations on your recent success at the Paris 2024 Olympics! How does it feel to win your fifth Olympic gold medal?

Simone Biles: Thank you! It feels incredible. This journey has been a mix of hard work, challenges, and immense support from my team and family. Winning this gold is a testament to never giving up.

Interviewer: After overcoming so much, what motivates you to keep pushing boundaries in gymnastics?

Simone Biles: I’m driven by my love for the sport and the desire to inspire the next generation. Knowing that I can make a difference motivates me every day.

Interviewer: You’ve become a powerful advocate for mental health. How has this shaped your approach to training and competing?

Simone Biles: Prioritizing mental health has been crucial. It’s about finding balance and knowing when to step back and take care of myself. It’s made me a stronger athlete and person.

Interviewer: What’s next for you after this incredible victory?

Simone Biles: I plan to take some time to rest and reflect. Beyond that, I want to continue promoting mental health awareness and maybe explore new challenges within gymnastics or other areas.

Interviewer: Any message for young aspiring gymnasts?

Simone Biles: Believe in yourself and your dreams. Hard work and determination are key, but always remember to take care of your mental health. Enjoy the journey!

Interviewer: Thank you, Simone. Congratulations again and best of luck with your future endeavors!

Simone Biles: Thank you! It’s been a pleasure.